Top Jumper of the Week #5



I’m love love LOVING this Zara sweatshirt I bought recently.

I’ve found that although I’m living in Japan and there are so many great shops here, I end up
shopping in places like Zara and H&M because their clothes are cut to a Western shape
which fit my body shape a lot better. Japanese girls are very petite, with small bone
structures and very little curves. The complete opposite to me and my British hips. I find that
a lot of the sleeves here are too short or I can’t fit into the ‘one-size-fits-all’ trousers.


No problems here though, as this jumper is MASSIVE, and cosy…and susceptible
to ketchup stains.


Today was another beautiful blue sky day. It really does not get old!
Stu (my boyfriend) and I had a fun afternoon taking silly snaps.

We got some strange looks as we climbed out the gutter that a couple of the
jumper shots were taken in and the photo directly above was taken at a shrine.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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