Hello Spring!



Doesn’t it look like a Monet painting?!
Spring has finally come and I could not be happier.

A couple weeks ago, Japan, as a nation, went crazy over the blooming of cherry blossoms.
For the Japanese, it not only signifies the start of spring, but also the fact that life is fleeting,
impermanent and precious.

As the hordes come out to drink, picnic and party under the flowers, they are reminded of
how life is short but sweet and always fickle.




My 92 year old grandmother moved to a nursing home last summer. Since then she
has only been outdoors twice so my mum and I took her on a day trip to a flower park
nearby to see the cherry blossom and breathe in the spring air.

Being a flower enthusiast her whole life, she told me all about the different kinds as
we went around the park. I had no idea that it was tulip season at the moment.



As we sat by a lake munching strawberries, there were kids running around us everywhere.
My grandmother said it was so nice to be around children and hear them laugh and play.



As I’m writing this post, I feel so grateful that I was able to make the move from Scotland
to Japan to share special moments like this with my Grandmother.

I also feel so much love for my family and friends both here and back home. I miss you
all but I’m sure we’ll have many happy moments to come 🙂


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