A Builder Saved Me from my Skirt Disaster


Yesterday I had such a ‘Sara moment’! It was up there with my most embarrassing
moments, ever.

I was cycling along to work in my pretty vintage skirt with wind billowing my hair and
feeling a bit like Allie from The Notebook, when suddenly I felt a massive tug. To
my horror my skirt was completely mangled in my chain and back wheel. I tried to
untangle it but it became evident pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to come out
anytime soon. As I got off my bike, the whole thing almost fell over as I had a big
heavy bag in the front basket…earphones attached. I was standing there trying to
hold it up whilst trying to detanglify the skirt and getting my self all caught up in my
earphones which were attached to my phone in my bag.


I had 3 options:
1) Take off my skirt in public (so I could use both hands to untangle)
2) Rip my skirt out
3) Cry and stay there forever

To add to my humiliation, a guy approached me and asked me if I was ok. He was
a builder. I hadn’t noticed that there was a row of builders sat eating lunch watching
me from across the road. I swallowed my pride (Allie was truly gone) and accepted
the guy’s help. He held my bike and very delicately untangled my skirt. I could
tell he was trying hard not to look at or touch my leg. Bless!

He was my hero. I’m so glad he was there! I might still be crying there in the
same spot if he hadn’t come to help. Instead I managed to come away with
a few little tares, some splats of oil and still made it to work on time, fully clothed.




On the plus side, I’m glad the skirt lived to make it on the blog. It’s one of my favourites.

Have a great day!



All photos by Stuart Rain

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