Letting Go of Expectations

We all create ideas of how we think things will or should be. When these things don’t turn
out as expected, we are often left feeling disappointed. On the other hand we can spend
hours worrying and stressing about things that might not even happen. To keep things simple
and stress free, we can try and let go of our expectations and take things as they come.

This is something that I’ve been noticing a lot since I came to Japan four months ago.
Before I came here, everyone was telling me how amazing and exciting it’s going be.  When
I arrived, things were tough. Really tough. I had no friends, no job, no money and struggled
with the language. I had built up such a big expectation and idea of how I thought things would
be that I was sorely disappointed by the reality.

Since then I’ve been trying to let go of my expectations of almost everything, when I remember,
and the outcome has made me a lot happier and much more relaxed. For example, I was
dreading making a phone call to my manager at work for fear of how she might react.  I tried to
throw away my expectations, made the call and it turned out to be absolutely fine.

Another time, I met a girl in the pub who I only spoke to for about 5 minutes before I had to
leave. I wanted to ask her if she wanted to go for coffee sometime but I had thoughts like
‘she’s going to say ‘no” or ‘what if she thinks I’m a weirdo’. I decided to put those thoughts to
one side and ask her anyway and now I have a new friend.

By deciding the outcome of things before they happen, we can miss out on opportunities,
create stress over things that don’t even happen or be disappointed when things don’t turn out
as expected.

Let’s throw all those thoughts out the window and have a great day!

In fact, don’t even expect to have a good or bad day, just be and take each moment as it
comes, stress free.



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