Decorate Your Home with DIY Painted Stones

My boyfriend calls me a hippy. Why? Because I wear floral trousers and have stones in my hand bag.

‘I only have them because I’m going to paint them.’ I said

‘That doesn’t make you any less of a hippy’ he replied. Ok, so maybe that’s true, but I’m happy to be a hippy with nice painted stones.


First begin by collecting some nice stones and choosing the correct paint.
I made the mistake of buying shed paint (because I can’t really read Japanese), which turned out to be sticky, glossy and very difficult to paint with. It also doesn’t come off your hands, ever. I had to go and buy paint stripper.

As far as I could read, I think the article in the newspaper was debating why men can’t give birth.

I also found this guy lurking about outside. I captured him and now he lives in my house with Taylor, the plant.

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