Nippori Fabric Town, Tokyo

I think I found fabric heaven!!!
There are 85 fabric shops packed into one little area of Tokyo called Nippori.

I probably managed about a 10th of the shops in two and a half hours. At that point I just needed to calm down, breathe and have some cake. I had literally excited myself out.



This is a wall of 100yen fabrics (about 50p/80cents) in the biggest fabric shop called ‘Tomato’.


Tomato was insane! I thought I had looked at all of it then realised that there was another 5 storey Tomato next door and another across the road. I only had the energy to tackle two of them!

I was after some very specific Japanese fabrics but you can really find anything under the sun on this street. I kept straying and had to reel myself back in. I did end up buying some gorgeous Indian cotton which was totally irrelevant to what I needed.

A map of all the fabric shops in the area.

A quick snap of myself sprawled out over my purchases.



Part two of my Tokyo trip coming soon!


7 thoughts on “Nippori Fabric Town, Tokyo

    1. They have EVERYTHING! Lots of non-Japanese fabrics too. You will definitely find what you’re looking for and leave with a few extras too. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


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