DIY: Cushion Covers Using Gorgeous Japanese Fabric

This week I have been making cushion covers using the same gorgeous fabrics I used for the headbands in my last post. I thought the rich colours would make nice interiors and decided to start off with something simple.


I really love the old traditional colours and patterns that Japanese dye houses (used to?) produce.


My mother told me that the area we  live in  at the moment used to be full of dye houses until not long ago. Apparently there was a distinct smell that the locals were very used to.


A little bit of detailing goes a long way to produce a more interesting and professional looking finish.
I copied this technique from something my grandmother made.


Next week I’m heading to Tokyo to hang out with the wonderful designer Laura Spring who I did my internship with last year. I’m also going to pop by the fabric district to see what I can find for my next creation.

Also, Halloween tomorrow! I only have one day left to make my skeleton bride costume. I’ve just taken down a lace curtain to turn into veil…hopefully it works out or it’s a big waste of a curtain!

Have a great weekend!


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