My First Week of 3D Modelling in ZBrush

Ok, here it goes! My first post that is nothing like any of the others. I spent a lot of time thinking about the look and feel of my blog last year and ended up feeling a bit confined. I’ve realised that I want to use this blog as a place to post about what I’m exploring, so to constrain myself to a certain style will only limit my creativity. I think that when you’re building a brand/business, it’s very important to create a strong identity but in my case, it’s probably detrimental to my work to be driven by a certain look.

So this week I’ve been exploring 3D modelling! It’s not even cute or pretty. It’s a monster.

My boyfriend studied film and has been saying that I should give 3D modelling a go for ages because I specialised in (traditional) sculpture for a while at college.

My week has been very frustrating learning the basics of a new very large program and I’ve had a severe dose of computer rage. Seriously, I have never felt anger like this in my life! Well, maybe sewing machine rage is kind of similar…

First Monster Concept

My wee concept guy. I call him Gormer.


Creating the initial shape using Z Spheres. This is just a starting point before doing the actual sculpting.

Then I pressed a button and everything crashed and this happened.


..and then this happened.


He finally began to look a bit more like my pal Gormer.



Now I need to finish him off!

I hope you’re having a nice week!



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