One Month, Two Models. My Dip into 3D Modelling.

So, one month and two models later, my self prescribed 3D modelling trial is complete. What do I think? It was a big learning curve and I barely scraped the surface but I managed to accomplish a lot more than I expected. My models look a lot better than I thought I was capable of producing in one month.

Whilst there was a bit of computer rage involved, generally I enjoyed the projects. I think that I think much better in 3D than I do in 2D. This was why I chose to specialise in fashion design at uni because I prefer making and crafting things in real life rather than trying to make something flat look real. For this reason, I think that sculpting in 3D actually came quite naturally to me. I think that if I got the hang of the tools in ZBrush, the program I used, the modelling process would become even more enjoyable.

For now though, I enjoyed my projects but I’m not sure whether I want to devote myself to delving deeper into 3D. It’s not something that you can really half do. If I decide later down the line that I want to do more 3D modelling, I would invest a lot of time in learning the programs, techniques and honing my skills.

Here is my latest project.


This, unlike last time, is an original design and much more in tune with my style and personality.


A few rough sketches to design my character.


Getting the basic geometry using Z Spheres and Dynamesh.


Refining the form and adding details.


Beginning to play with colours and materials.





Next I’m going to start exploring digital painting.

Have a lovely week!


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