Learn How to Digital Paint in One Week

I actually can’t believe how much I have improved at digital painting in one week. As you may have seen, my first attempts were not great. In fact, they were pretty terrible. Just look at my last post.

I watched two tutorials right at the start, before I did the paintings in last week’s post. With only the same knowledge, I have improved leaps and bounds just by doing it and getting a feel for the tools. At first, it was incredibly frustrating, but now I’m getting a hang of the tools a bit better, it’s getting more and more fun.


Initial Cinderella sketch.



I also made a digital birthday card for my friend Yuki.


I made this card out of very few components which are all copied, resized, rotated and positioned to create this wreath composition.


I didn’t really know how to go about drawing a wreath so I started off by learning how to draw flowers and parts of flowers.




If you’d like to have a bash at digital painting, I’d start by doing a couple of tutorials on digital painting. There are some fantastic ones here on www.digitaltutors.com.

Then, all you really can do is practice, practice, practice. I’ve found that a mixture of copying other people’s work and doing my own original drawings has worked pretty well. I think that you can learn a lot from seeing how other people do things before adapting it to your own style.

I hope you have a lovely week!


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