Digital Painting – Spring Time Flowers

Last week was cherry blossom week here in Japan. Every year Japan goes nuts over cherry blossom season. People have picnics and parties under the trees, get drunk, do karaoke and have a great time.

I took my 93 year old gran out of her nursing home for the day to breathe in the fresh spring air and look at the beautiful cherry blossom. Whilst the cherry blossom was, of course, stunning as expected, what really struck me was the tulips! I didn’t know, until last year, that this is also tulip season.

This week, rather than drawing lots of quick drawings, I spent all of my time one more detailed drawing. I’m still experimenting with different tools and techniques for digital painting and I guess this week’s picture is a bit more traditional looking.


Below are the flowers which I drew in a separate document. I copy and pasted them and edited them so they face different ways at different angles.


Happy spring time!!!


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