Illustration Tutorials – Akira Ebihara (My Latest Obsession)

Hello my lovies!

I hope spring is treating you well. I’ve been super lucky with a string of visitors coming to see me from the UK. I’ve had a busy busy May travelling, partying hard at the Hamamatsu kite festival and enjoying quality time with good friends that I don’t see nearly enough now that I’ve move to the other side of the world (Japan).

Throughout the month, I also started a new job and been ticking away at working on ‘finding my style’…whatever that really means.

So here is what’s been happening at my desk this month. I’ve been obsessed with the illustrator Akira Ebihara. Her work is just gorgeous. I discovered her when I was given an illustration book with tutorials by 15 different artists.


Her work instantly caught my eye and I decided to copy her drawings and follow along with her tutorial.







I’m really happy with the final outcome. Although it took me ages, I’ve become more familiar with digital painting and learned a lot of new techniques. I’m exited to take elements of her style and process and change it into something of my own.



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