Developing an Illustration Style


Something I’ve been working on this year is developing an illustration style. I know what I like but I want to make something unique to me. Recently I’ve been copying other artists and then taking elements I like, mixing them together and seeing what happens. My last post was all about the copying the illustration style¬†Akira Ebihara, who I love. This time I’ve copied her techniques, incorporated some of my own and some that I’ve learned elsewhere.


I used this image that I found on as my source for composition. I initially started drawing this, just to practice drawing but decided to develop it further.


I Sara-fied it a little by adding some hearts and a cat then scanned it into photoshop.


In photoshop, I decided I felt more like having a beachy vibe than a hearty vibe so changed it up again.

I used Akira Ebihara’s collage like technique for some components of the background.

My current project is totally different yet again! For now I’m enjoying trying out different things and seeing what happens!

I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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