28 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 1

Hello! It has been forever! Have you had a good summer? Summer has thrown me totally off course with lots of things going on…including getting married! To get me back into drawing and being creative again, I decided to do a drawing challenge I found on Creative Live called 28 to Make which you can find here. It is basically 28 short drawing challenges, one a day. Here is how I’ve been getting on.

Day 1: Draw whatever you’re drinking, in 20 minutes


I can’t say I felt hugely inspired by this. I even considered drawing a different drink since what I was drinking was so boring. I decided to stick with it none the less and quite like the outcome. (Mugi-cha is Japanese barley tea, a summer staple here in Japan.)

Day 2: Draw a house plant in 20 minutes


Watercolours! Also, this plant died shortly after…rip.

Day 3: Draw your favourite album cover, in 20 minutes


A collage made from scraps I found in my paper recycling bin of The Cure Album ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’. While it’s not my favourite album, I love The Cure and the cover is pretty cool.
It was between that and a picture of Britney Spears.

Day 4: Draw what’s in your bag in 20 minutes


This was probably on a good day too. I literally have so much rubbish in my bag, all the time.

Day 5: Draw a receipt, in 20 minutes


Like the ‘draw your drink’ project, this didn’t exactly ignite my passion but I actually got quite into it. As I live in Japan, all my receipts were in Japanese too, which was quite interesting!

Day 6: Textual observation challenge

I didn’t document this one as it wasn’t very visual or inspiring for me.

Day 7: Rest day

There is a video to watch on the importance of rest for creativity.

So that was my week! I really enjoyed the tasks actually. It’s good that they’re all quick as it means that you (or I) are more likely to do them. I found that the majority of the time I kept drawing or kept making because the challenges put me in a good creative mood.

More next week!


2 thoughts on “28 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 1

  1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them. I’ve found that a different quality emerges when you are limited to a specific time frame, like 20 minutes. I’m usually a perfectionist so it’s quite freeing to let go of that and embrace any imperfections.


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