28 Day Drawing Challenge – It’s OK to Quit

Week 2 of my 28 day drawing challenge started out well. I was into it. I even started another, bigger personal project, which I’ll most likely blog about in the future. I was excited about creating and drawing and making and doodling. I’d wake up each morning as an eager beaver to see what creative project was in my inbox. That’s until I started getting so into my other personal project, that I began feeling a little frustrated that I had to spend my limited time on the 28 day challenge, particularly because the later projects of week two, were not so inspiring.

I had all these thoughts like ‘you have to continue, it’s a challenge- that’s the whole point’ or ‘don’t be a quitter’, but then I realised that the challenge had served its purpose exactly and that I no longer needed it.

The reason I started the challenge was to get my creative juices going again and it did! I felt great. So why force myself to keep going when it had already fulfilled its purpose. One of the videos at the start of the challenge actually even says, that it’s ok to quit if you feel a pull in a different direction. Follow your creativity, follow you heart. xxx

Day 8: Thirty circles in thirty minutes


Day 9: Seeing shapes in scribbles


Day 10: Blind portrait using a continuous line


Day 11: Photo doodle


Day 12: Exquisite corpse – Collaboration

This was that game where you draw a head, fold the paper and pass it to someone else who then draws the body, folds in and passes it on for someone else to draw the legs. When you unfold it, you usually end up with a pretty hilarious drawing.
I used to play this A LOT. When I was a kid and when I was at art college. My flat mate and I would sit in the kitchen doing this for hours.

I passed on it this time round because I didn’t have anyone to do it with in my work space.

Day 13: Textual observation (again)

It didn’t inspire me last time so I chose not to do it again.

Day 14: Rest Day

These were the following week’s challenges – I wasn’t feeling it!

Day 15: Make a mind map

Day 16: Blackout poetry

Day 17: Playing with tangrams

Day 18: Visualising sound

Day 19: Writing post-it notes and leaving them places

Day 20: Textual observation (for the third time!)

Day 21: Rest day


Although I chose not to complete the challenge, I LOVED what I did do of 28 to Make.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


You can find the challenge I did here.

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