Choose Something, Stick to it and Become a Pro!

10 weeks 10 patterns

That’s my goal.

I’ve always made things, drawn stuff, played music, made clothes, but never mastered any one discipline because I want to do EVERYTHING. I’ve always been the same. I don’t like missing out.  I’ve recognised that I’m like this in almost all aspects of my life, whether it’s choosing a doughnut or choosing a film. Lately I’ve been trying to make snappy decisions and stick to them.

Creatively, I’ve decided I want to get good at something. My problem is, I don’t know what. I’m okay at lots of things, I just need to choose one of my million interests and focus my energy on one thing.

Maybe I’ll discover that pattern design is my thing.

Inspiration: The Great British Bake Off – Lemon Drizzle Cake

image source:

Original Sources: Lemon and Orange Shopping

It’s always better to use your own sources if possible so that you know your work is 100% yours. Sometimes it’s impossible to go out and photograph a mantaray or something but where I can, I use my own source material.



Simple Sketches for Design Components



Colour Palette



Digitalise, Colour and Create Motifs in Illustrator


Final Patterns




More patterns coming soon!

Have a great week.




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